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The best garden starts with the best plants, - easy to grow and care for, healthy and disease-resistant, lots of long lasting color, either subtly, bright and clear or with the wow-factor. This is exactly what Proven Winners is about: plants that are proven for performance and colour, plants that can be trusted, ideas and support on how you can grow, maintain, and enjoy beautiful garden beds and containers. 

Proven Winners® Plants

Proven Winners are top performers – we constantly search the world to find and select plants which are clearly superior to others of their type. A plant with poor genetics or a limited range of performance is only of limited interest to both growers and gardeners. Potential new candidate plants are then trialed in our test gardens in different climates throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The plants that make our final cut are chosen for their all-season color and bountiful blooms, resistance to disease and insects, and tolerance for adverse conditions. This rigorous selection process takes two to three years to assure Proven Winners plants perform better in as many situations as possible while using fewer chemicals. Reduced chemical usage benefits both your gardening budget and the environment.

The right plant for all places

When we say that our plants are the best of the best, it’s a fact. Of the hundreds of new varieties we trial each year under various conditions, less than 5 percent are good enough to earn the Proven Winners label. This rigorous process of elimination ensures that every Proven Winners plant has exceptional colour, habit, and disease resistance. The selection process under a wide range of different climatic and geographical conditions gives us valuable information about the selected varieties, of where and how they will thrive. Thereby we can offer you and other gardeners the right advice about plants that will bring interest and beauty to container gardening and landscaping of all types and sizes. - Hence our slogan: A Better Garden Begins with a Better Plant.

Proven Winners is dedicated to your Success

As much as we love plants, we also love helping the people who grow them - gardeners like you. Our job is to make it easy to grow, maintain, and enjoy gorgeous garden beds and containers. To help you, we offer a broad selection of top-performers along with green thumb tips and articles filled with expert advice. 

Everyone loves to have a gorgeous garden, but finding the time to create and maintain one might seem daunting. There are strategies to employ that will allow you to have a beautiful garden without having to spend hours and hours on gardening chores:

Start healthy – stay healthy

In addition to strenuous testing in order to assure consumer performance, Proven Winners goes the extra mile in protecting its plants and the consumers who use them. Every Proven Winners plant has been screened for pests and plant diseases. Why? So that when the plants arrive at your local garden centre, we know we have done everything possible to ensure our customers receive the healthiest plants possible. This means the gardener is more likely to succeed and more likely to value Proven Winners. 

We want people to remember Proven Winners as the best plants they have ever grown!  - The Proof is in the Plant. 

Be inspired by Proven Winners

You can browse our ranges to find varieties and pot art ideas for seasonal garden planting for pots, baskets and beds. This means you can enjoy your garden for longer throughout the season.

Check out the Spring Fling Collection for splashes of spring colour to brighten up a garden awakening from winter, browse the Summer Livin' Collection for flower power for summer, and take a look at our range of warm autumn colours as well as pretty blooms to make autumn that little bit more magical with our Autumn Magic Collection.

You can also flick through our idea books to check out the latest trends and varieties to give your garden that little extra. They are full of the latest, easy garden ideas to inspire you, from trendy container gardening to creative landscape ideas.

Idea books, check here

Get Creative with Proven Winners

Having a beautiful garden can be easy and it is the aim of Proven Winners to help and show you how. This can be easier than you think with our Pot Art recipe cards. We have created a range of inspiring recipes so you can surround yourself with beautiful containers and planting arrangements that will make your garden the envy of the neighbourhood.

Simply choose a recipe, select the varieties from your local trusted garden retailer, and plant them in the way shown on the recipe card.

Click here to see how to create the perfect combination.

Proven Performers

New and experienced gardeners alike prefer Proven Winners plants as they are carefully selected to ensure that only the the best quality plants and varieties make it into your garden in the first place - and what's more... they  are easy to grow and care for, too - and not to forget they will create stunning pots, patios, baskets, beds and landscapes.

So whether you have a large garden, small patio, terrace, or window box, you can transform your outdoor space with ease using our breathtaking and long lasting PW varieties. Each one has been carefully selected to ensure only the best make it to your garden, so you know PW’s are plants you can trust to make your garden look great throughout the seasons. All you have to do now is pick your favorite varieties and colours and get creative. You can trust every PW variety to be breathtaking, long lasting and inspiring

As well as caring for our plants, we care about the gardeners who grow them. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to grow and maintain your Proven Winners, and ultimately enjoy garden living.

Happy Gardening !